HypnoBirthing® International – The Mongan Method
The gold standard for childbirth education

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth with change”

Marie Mongan – Founder of HypnoBirthing

Founded in 1989 by Marie Mongan, a master hypnotherapist, licensed counselor, and former dean of a woman’s college, HypnoBirthing has been recognized as a leader in birth education for 30 years. Mongan Method HypnoBirthing is taught in over 50 countries around the world and is continuing to grow. I am proud to be part of the HypnoBirthing movement where the natural laws of birth can be honoured and respected regardless the type of birth you are planning.

Birth is one of the most intimate and precious experiences of life and it is important to respect and protect this.

The HypnoBirthing course.

The HypnoBirthing® course will enable you and your partner/birth companions to work together, feeling truly connected. It is a comprehensive course that will allow you to reconnect with your natural ability to give birth and provide the proven techniques needed to succeed in a gentle, calm and confident experience, through pregnancy, birth and beyond. HypnoBirthing provides the lifetime tools you need to have a smooth and simple journey in becoming a parent and caring for yourself and your baby. It will allow you to be informed on all your choices, be better supported by your birth team and deal with different birth situations, from a home birth to a planned C-section.

If you are between 20 and 35 weeks of pregnancy then this is a great time to start the course, however I have taught those a little further on and will be working on all your needs and questions as soon as you wish to make contact with me.

What the course includes:

2.5 hours sessions – spread over a 5 week plan making it easier to digest the information and practice and enjoy the exercises given. These are broken down into easy bite size units including:

Education on birth, de-hypnotizing ourselves from systems that have indoctrinated us for so long to then build a positive pregnancy through empowering knowledge. How the mind and body connect, the origin of fear and pain in labour and how evidence supports we do not need these elements and can focus on the birth we dream of.

Falling in love with your baby, pre-birth parenting, preparing your body and mind for birth. selecting and building a partnership with your care providers and making sure they are open to your preferences.

Advanced visualization and deepening, turning breech-presented babies, your body’s perfect design and natural gifts that allow you to birth naturally.

An overview and summary of childbirth, pre-labour tricksters, the importance of the birth companions support role and advocates for mother and baby.

Birthing – the final act of bonding, positions for labour and birth, breastfeeding and the magical first hour.

You will receive the HypnoBirthing book, parent handbook, Rainbow relaxation MP3 containing the vital elements of HypnoBirthing. Notebooks and few goodies for mum and birth companion to be ready for the the special arrival 🙂

Class handouts including relaxation scripts and a birth preferences template are given out to support each unit and the information you require personal to your preferences.

HypnoBirthing is here to give you a choice, an open door to a new possibility that can give you the best, easy and gentle birth you could imagine. I look forward to enjoying this experience with you and helping you on your journey through this most amazing and special time in your life. If you are interested and want to know more please see the form and details below to reach out 🙂

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