Empowering mothers and supporting families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond, using nature’s most precious gifts.

Love, and Healthy Living

With Violet S. Wigley

Welcome to Natural Birth Magic

Thank you for visiting my site, which is still being constructed but please watch this space for further information

Firstly a big loving CONGRATULATIONS to you on your pregnancy, what an amazing journey for you and your family to be beginning.

Natural Birth Magic is all about supporting mothers and families on their birth journey, through pregnancy, preparing for birth and becoming parents. Natural Birth Magic focuses on HypnoBirthing® – the Mongan method where we use natures most precious gifts to achieve your desired birth. If you have heard of HypnoBirthing it is a philosophy that allows the mother to achieve a purely instinctive birth, empowering herself and baby through connecting the mind and body. It encompasses the psychological, spiritual and physical well being of both mother and baby, achieving her desired goals, gaining full control of the birth experience. These empowering methods give a positive approach to the birthing environment, they involve deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualizations, and affirmations to achieve a joyful safe and gentle birth.

HypnoBirthing® gave me the chance to have a beautiful, calm and empowering birth in the freedom of my own home.   This invaluable and most precious experience gave me the drive and passion to learn more and help others do the same as they take on their journey to birthing and becoming a parent.  I believe that love, equality, freedom and respect are paramount to both mother and baby during pregnancy, birth and being a parent.   The support from the birth companions and care providers have a significant impact on the experience and I am honoured to be part of the HypnoBirthing movement that allows all these aspects to come together in harmony.  Alongside HypnoBirthing I will be offering post-partum support, parent support and first aid for babies and toddlers.   Each journey is unique to each parent, it is with love that we each achieve our dreams and goals.   I look forward to meeting you, happy HypnoBirthing Love Violet 🙂

To nuture oneself and baby is to be enriched with abundance